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I enjoy building sites that get your audience the information they need to know and reduce your workload as . I am a back-end developer with a variety of experience. I have built several websites as personal projects to develop skills and currently work in a corporate environment building applications to aggregate the flow of data.

Not too long ago I made the decision to become a programmer. Already in my career I have build some great sites and would love to show you my skills. Feel free to look at some of the work I have done. Hope you enjoy visiting my page.

I am somebody who's going to bring dedication, commitment, and hard work to your team.

Contact me through my social networks or through my contact form below. Let's do some business together.


Why choose me

Not only am I a hard worker but I like to get things done right. I add leadership skills to any team I join. I am looking forward to working with you to build great things.


My Experience

From quick one page event websites to large enterprise solutions I am more than prepared to help you build your solution. From my portfolio you can see some of the projects I have worked and I can't wait to show you more.



Web Development

I have a great fundamental ability as both a front-end and back-end developer. I like to deconstruct my problems when I come across them and that's really the best way I learn. What sets me apart from others is that I have learned several languages quickly and if there's something I don't know then I know how to ask questions, analyze my stumbling, and find a solution without much guidance.


Before web development, I was building my career as a sales rep. My job was to contact potential clients, assess their needs and provide the appropriate medical equipment. My position helped me develop written and verbal communication skills, critical thinking, and decision making abilities. These were necessary skills to help the company meet its monthy and annual sales goals.

Event Management

My expertise comes from managing and coordinating various sporting events at Stanford University. As a team supervisor, my tasks included gameday preparations for all sporting events; including facility set-up, visiting team accomodations, and aftergame clean up. These efforts were required for events ranging from 1,000 - 50,000+ attendees.

Creative Content

Outside of my professional life I'm very interested in producting digital content and online content. This is truly a self taught hobby. My experience comes from projects I find interesting. I have done projects that have involved photography, film and creative writing.


I built a functional website for a non-profit organization to improve their digital presence and added functionality for non technical contributors to update.

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I built a beautiful one page wedding site for the Bride and Groom to share their special day. Added features include Google Maps, Responsive PayPal Donation Button.

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Built an event one page site for a young professional conference. Site allowed host organization to share and distribute conference information easily and track ticketing information.

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I built a client site to sell coin displays from a template and added Social Links to improve SEO as well as increase page views. Features include contact form and easy click to buy buttons.

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Cribs video I shot and edited of WNBA All-Star Danielle Robinson while traveling overseas. I filmed with a Canon T3i DSLR and edited using Final Cut Pro X.

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Demo Website I built shoecase a membership type site with user relationships. This Website uses everything I learned in my early years of development attending class such as Javascript, PHP, MySQL, HTML.

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